Online Booking versus Travel Agents

There is always a mad rush for personal and family vacations as the vacation season approaches. Most people are looking for the best value for their money, which is the most natural thing to do. Online booking sites and travel agents are some of the most widely used avenues when one is looking for the best vacation deals. Over the last decade, there has been a gradual change from traditional booking methods, to online customer service and booking facilities. The tourism industry is gradually following up the trend, and one can book online to almost any destination…read more


Travel Books – Your Virtual Guide for Exploring Places

Are you planning for exotic holiday? Before going on long distance trip, travelers’ must do some preparations. Broadly, the preparations can be divided into two categories. First, collecting health, hygiene and safety related items. Second, gathering extensive information about the place you will visit such as geographical, cultural and social setup of the place. Whenever people plane to go on a holiday, atleast they should know a few things about the place and travel books are great help in this situation…


Advantages Associated with Travel Books

Whenever one plans to go for a vacation, a business strip or a honeymoon, he or she requires a proper planning few weeks prior to journey. Proper knowledge about the particular place, attractive locations of that place, major restaurants, culture, weather conditions etc can help one make most out of his or her trip…